Trent Team: Dave/Richard: all day today (3rd)
Dave R.: Good point, there's no mention of when the start time is... Or is it all a big secret?
Richard Studeny: What time are you back on air tomorrw for the 4oth celebrations
Jeff/Trent Studio: Hi Lee! Make sure you mention Radio Trent when you visit Soulville. Fab steaks!!
lee Vincent : happy xmas to all trent team looking frwd to soulville steak when i vist notts next week
phil/TrentTeam: Niecie, you deserve all the airplay you canget with such a great voice and a top CD well done!
Niecie: Wow what an honor to be a feature artist on the show! Thanks for sharing my music with the UK Phil Penny!a
Tony McLaren: Hi there i remember john peters turning up to a gig i was doing for a darts team in a big white transam. Just asking any jobs going for a 37 year experience dj
Chris: When is your feature on Nottingham's Kitty Cafe going broadcast?
Bruno: can't believe I'm listening to Trent out here in Paris. I really miss you guys!! So glad I found you on the net.
Vivien: I'll get it framed John!
JohnP@Trent: Thanks Viv - I'm sure you know the damage! BTW can't wait for that pic. [re your e-mail]
Vivien: Happy birthday John (P). How old?!? Where's the party?
JohnP@Trent: Thanks Jackie! - a milestone [millstone] one at that. Remember when I hid in a bush outside your house?!!
jackie: Ahh John didn't realise it's your birthday on Saturday, so have a good one!
Phil/Trent Team: : My pleasure; you're a great songwriter as well as being a top musician.
Pat: Hi Phil Penny, Great show. Thanks for playing The Love Remains. You were the entertainment for another birthday party today.
Bob: Where's Rockin' Ron? It's midday Saturday and he's not on!!!!
Phil/Trent Team:Many thanks Graham for your feedback, please spread the word.
Graham: Thought I'd drop you a line to say just how much I'm enjoying the Blues show, Phil. Nice selection of tunes.
Trent Team: Cheers Matt. Good to have you on board, and glad that you're enjoying it. Tell your friends!! Jeff Owen
Matt: This is great! My old staton is back, but up to date and just playing great pop. I love it!!!!!
Jennifer Harrison: I've been meaning to send a message for the last few days to say, what an interesting feature on Syria. I tuned in for my usual afternoon Radio Trent fix on Friday, and was surprised to hear such an interesting, informative piece of radio.
Roger Madley: That Syria stuff was a surprise to hear as I am used to onmly hearing music in the afternoon. Refreshing to hear someone talk properly and at length about such a sad situation. BBC news porgrams always rush everyone
Amil: That was a very interesting radio feature about Syria. I found it most throught-provoking. Let us have more of this on local radio
Trent Team: Of course, Lynn. Will do. Jeff Cooper
lynn kennedy: Hi Can you give our show a mention coming to Newstead Abbey 24th August , The Rat pack Vegas Spectacular Show !
Trent team: Sandra: you're most welcome!
sandra.. : thank you for your help.
sandra.. : you are very welcometocome and share this time with us from trent. thankyou so much , if you could regularly encourage people to come or just to donate. zumba with renae.
sandra.. : thankyou so much for sharing the information about the zumberthon on the 31st aug. it will be fun, but also very meaningful for allthose who have lost someone with cancer, or know someone who has it now. or in the future. we so need to support
Daniel: Sounding mighty fine, John - great show! Listening in sunny Poole - great to hear you keeping the soul alive! From the Lasbury-Carter's!
Studio: If you enjoyed Guy Morris' takes of Abbey Road on his show, take a look at the live webcam here
Trent team: Thanks, Sandra. It's been mentioned!
sandra b: dont know if you got my message before earlier today. please share that we have a zumberthon in aid of cancer research uk. for more info please go to Too many die of cancer, let's fight together to stop this suffering,
Trent team: Don't forget you can always email us information direct. Link is at the top of the page. Cheers!
Pete N, West Bridgford: I am Pete and I want to listen to you on my radio. Itīs an Analogue / Digital radio but I canīt find you. Please treat this as a matter of extreme urgency in keeping me sane. R Nottingham is driving me mental with itīs constant football-football-football talk.
MickM: Just heard Tim Rogers say that his Classic Country Show is going off-air. I've been listening to Tim for more years than I care to remember so I hope he will return very soon or where will I get my weekly fix of great country music? Hope to catch up with you again soon, Tim!
Trent Team: Hi! to David, Julie and Vivien - and thanks also for the emails, especially about Night Of The long Tracks! All good. Jeff
David: Nottingham guy listening to you in Guangzhou China
Julie Marston: Hi Guys, please can you give a big shout out to St Peter's Academy in East Bridgford who are celebrating 150 years of cool education with a whole school picnic tomorrow!
Vivien: Thank you for playing Layla John
Phil/Trent Studio: Thanks for your kind comments Mary; keep listening and spread the word!
Mary: Great to have a selection of the blues to listen to. Well done to Phil on a lovely show
Jeff Cooper/Trent Studio: Indeed we have Macca!
Macca: Have you really got a studio window which opens? isn't that a bit noisy?
Jeff Cooper/RT: Indeed, Malc - pretty exceptional!
Malc: Ah right! Thats pretty good after all those years!!1
Jeff Cooper/RT: Hi Malc - no not all, but we're still a chummy bunch!
Malc: Looking at the pic on your FB page, are all those guys still with you at RT?
Trent Team: It's our Birthday today (3rd for us, 39th for the original station). Happy Birthday to us! And thanks for the comments..
Carrie: What a great program this morning. So good to hear all the nostalgia.
Adrian Jay: Woke up with a tear in my eye this morning, Rembering the good time s with Radio trent 301, Still the best station in the uk if not the world, The music The jingles, The Feel good sound, at least we have a little of that bnow with radio trent on line,
Reg Kendrick: really like what you are do here. brings back a feeling of the earlier days of trent radio
Jeff Cooper/Trent studio: Thanks, pete. Well we're not going anywhere just yet!
Pete: So pleased to read\about you agreement with Capital. Does that mean you're here for the long-term then? Best of luck anyway
Jeff Cooper/Trent studio: My pleasure, Val. Thanks for being there...
Val: How BRILLIANT to hear Jeff Cooper play Robert Palmers fine time today. Nice one!!!
Michael Harrison...: Just hangin out here 21 x 2 plus a few...Thanks for the support!!
Phil/Trent Studio: Thanks Michael! 21 again. And again. And again....
Phil/Trent Studio: Hi Viviana, the track was played Saturday 7th June, Sunday 8th, Mon 9th, and Wed 11th; regards, Phil Penny
michael: Happy birthday Phil!
Viviana: Hi...this is Viviana..thank you for playing Between the Sheets
Cindy: Wow, that is some exemplary gutair playing. Really love that intro to Michael Harrison. Thank you, Phil!!
Jeff Owen/Trent Studio: Hello Steve, That's very kind of you. I'm doing a bit more talking these days on Saturday between 9 and midday and on Sunday lunchtime (12-2) . Thanks for listening. Good that you're enjoying it... tell your friends. All the best.. Jeff
Steve Fletcher: Hi, great to find RT on line, been out of the area for a while and thought you had dissapeared. Great to hear Jeff Owen just read the news it was never the same when he left BBC, I have set you as my preferred station on pc and tablet etc...
love the music: ron coles.
Vivien: You're very welcome John!
John Peters/Trent Studio: what a wonderful day....VIVIEN thanks for the biscuits!!