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'Radio Trent' first began broadcasting to Greater Nottingham on 3 July 1975 and continued with that name until 1988. It was the area's first commercial radio station and, during various take-overs and corporate re-inventions, its name changed to Trent FM, 96.2 Trent FM and and back to Trent FM again. Finally, in January 2011, it became Capital FM, owned by London-based Global Radio Holdings and now nearly all of its programming originates from London. However, it ceased to be a local business many years before that, first being bought by Swindon-based GWR Radio in 1993.

The good news is, we launched our own station on 3 July 2011, to try and re-create the sound and ethic of the local Radio Trent. Like the original station, we broadcast to Greater Nottingham and its surrounding areas, but in a very different, 21st century, way: read how it all works here. We are proud to have some of the most respected - and talented - radio personalities from the area on board.

There is still a lot of work to do: athough we have loads of local information on the air and now also run a limited local news service, we are also looking for a City Centre base where you could actually call in and say 'hi'!

But for now, thanks for stopping by - and please don't forget to tell us about everything that's happening in your community.

To speak to us about advertising, please leave a message on 0115 839 0078 and we WILL call you back! To send us information, or to make a request, please email us via the link in the menu above.