Click to open the Trent tuner
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Welcome to Radio Trent at

New To Online Listening? There are several ways to tune in...

With an Internet Radio
If you buy one of the many Internet Radios and you have broadband installed (usually with a WiFi network), you can listen to Radio Trent without using your PC - just like any FM or AM radio. This is an increasingly popular method and you can easily find many models online.

With a Mobile Device
Listen anywhere - even in the car - with your Android, Blackberry, Apple or Nokia device. Choose your Network provider carefully as data coverage varies considerably between the various providers. Make sure your mobile package includes as much data as possible (at least 1GB/month). Then download and install an app such as TuneIn Radio from your phone's App store and just search for 'Radio Trent'.

On your computer
If you are new to online radio listening, here's some help on how to tune-in to Radio Trent on your PC. First, don't forget to connect the audio output of your device to your stereo system to hear us in fab near-cd quality. You'll probably need a "3.5mm mini-jack - to - phono (RCA)" cable, ask any dealer.

1 - Using our Tuner
Just click the link and we should play immediately in HiFi stereo. Just click here. This should now work in modern browsers without Flash being installed (eg: Chrome), but will default to Flash if you have an old version, or one which doesn't support this (eg: Firefox).

2 - Using a standard 'heritage player' (Winamp, VLC, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc).
Just select from the options here. Where there are multiple links, save the one that works best on your PC by right-clicking and saving the link to your Desktop for future listening.
Winamp or VLC
Windows Media Player