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Welcome to Radio Trent at
Guy Morris

Guy is a veteran of the very earliest days of Radio Trent and joined as part of the team which opened that station in 1975. He has worked on many other commercial radio stations, including Leicester Sound, The Pulse, BMRB and Radio Victory.

A workaholic, 'Motormouth Morris' runs his own Events Hire company which is based near Loughborough. He spends much of the time he's not on Trent driving up and down the country's motorways checking out the price of a Ginsters and Red Bull, which gives him more than enough ammunition to aim at Councils, Government departments, quangos...

Hear the result each Friday and Saturday on Trent as Guy entertains you between with Trent music and his own slant on what makes the world go round. Enjoy him depositing his Most Hated Things into 'Room 101 and 3/4', and there's even the promise of a Group Hug if you can solve '5,4,3,2,1'!

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